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Our marketing software is designed by marketers, for marketers.


  • Take the guess work out of running promotional campaigns.
  • Uncover what works and what doesn’t, adjust quickly to save money.
  • Integrate your favorite business apps to manage multiple tactics on a single dashboard
  • Save time and minimize the confusion of running campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Work with marketing experts to help with strategy, execution and everything in between.

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Manage a single campaign with the free version of our client portal.  Designed to support set up, managing and closing out marketing campaigns.

White Rose Marketing Client Portal ADVANCED


Equips up to 3 members of your team to manage up to 3 campaigns with varying levels of access.  Comes with 4hr per month of marketing support.

White Rose Marketing Client Portal PRO

Run multiple campaigns across a portfolio of multiple brands!  Grant access to as many team members as you want. Comes with no restrictions marketing support.

Our packages are designed to fit into any budget.  We never require a contract, use us when you need us and stop when you don’t!  We are here to help.  Marketing can be confusing and cumbersome but helpful if done right.  Select the appropriate package below and let’s get started today?

What is Marketing?

You?ve got the perfect product to meet the needs of the customers, but how do you get it in front of the people who need it? Marketing involves optimizing your product, its placement, and price and ultimately the promoting it to the right customer base in the most relevant way. While there is no right or wrong way to accomplish this, there are more and less expensive ways as well as more and less effective ways.

What our customers Say...

Worth it!  Before using the White Rose portal, I was running promotions across so many different sites and wasn’t sure what was working.  Now I have all of my promotions in one place and a marketing expert available to help me when I get stuck or need new ideas!  Totally pays for itself.
Founder, Club Coffee

I am pleasantly surprised with how easy the Pro version of the portal is to use and how much the campaign dashboard helps me to stay on top of my agencies.  The transparency makes me much more confident that I’m doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Principle, Blake & Lee Attorneys at Law

White Rose Marketing
White Rose Consultant with Client
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We are here to make marketing strategy easy and accessible to anyone executing a marketing campaign.  At Whiterose we aim to optimize brand spend by ensuring all campaign tactics work together.  We've integrated popular digital marketing and traditional marketing tools to streamline campaigns on our customizable dashboard.  Sign up today and see for yourself!
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